Does the University have a health service?

How much does it cost to see a doctor?

Can I use the NHS?

Do I need health insurance?

Who will my doctor be?

Can I keep my doctor at home?

Is there an emergency clinic nearby?

Are there local dentists?

Are there local opticians?

Is there support for students with mental health problems?

Are there other local support groups?

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Keeping your health in check during your studies is important. The University of St Andrews highly recommends that you register with a doctor in St Andrews at the start of your studies. Local medical practices are represented at matriculation (when you register as a student), allowing you the opportunity to complete the application process in one step.

If you are a student from the UK, you should bring your National Health Service Medical Card with you to the University. If necessary, new ones can be obtained from the General Practitioner branch of your local Health Board (in England, the Family Practitioner Committee of the Area Health Authority). The National Health Service practices in St Andrews are based at the Health Centre in the local community hospital.

If you are an international student (or dependant), and you pursue a full-time course of study, you will be covered by the National Health Service in the UK for all routine and emergency treatment. In Scotland, this includes students who are studying for less than six months.

This cover may incur minimal costs for prescriptions, eye tests and dental treatment. This cover does not include repatriation to your home country in the case of serious injury or death. For this extended cover, and if you intend to travel out of the UK during your studies, private health insurance is vital. Further information can be obtained from UKCISA.

Dental treatment on the NHS is becoming increasingly more difficult to access. We recommend that, where possible, you maintain registration with a dentist close to your home address for routine treatment. In a dental emergency students should contact Student Services for advice.