Saints Sport is a vibrant, dynamic and important part of life at the University of St Andrews. There are over 60 sports clubs and over 100 sports teams. You can participate whether you are an international athlete or a complete beginner.

Student sport clubs

Student sports clubs are at the core of Saints Sport. Sports clubs serve a variety of interests, from highly competitive teams within university-level and national league competitions to recreational and social activities. Sports clubs at the University of St Andrews are available for almost any sport you can imagine.

All of the activity within student sports clubs is student-led but with the support of a number of professional staff and coaches. There is a strong programme of training and support available for student volunteers who run these activities as coaches, officials and administrators.


The University’s Department of Sport and Exercise offers a Saints Fitness exercise programme. It is open to all and offers a wide variety of classes to suit all levels and abilities. Classes include Zumba, spin, bootcamp, and yoga.

We also have a team of fitness professionals who are here to help. They provide a range of services to suit all of your health, fitness, and sporting needs.

Scholarships and bursaries

The University supports talented individual student athletes studying at St Andrews and competing on the international stage. Typically, there are five £1,000 sports scholarships offered per year.

The University also receives an annual grant from the R&A to part-fund a golf development programme for talented golfers, which we believe is the best golf programme in the UK, and sees our golfers travelling all over the world to compete. The programme is open to any matriculated student who reaches the required standard.

Academic flexibility

There is a University-wide agreement supporting the training and competitive demands of athletes. This allows some flexibility in academic arrangements so that academic and sporting aspirations can be mutually compatible.

All performance athletes must achieve the Faculty and Subject entrance requirements – no academic dispensations are given to student athletes. However, please let us know if you are considering coming to St Andrews or if you already have a place by emailing Debby Sargent, Performance Sport Manager:


Saints Sport prides itself in the vast array of volunteering opportunities that are on offer to students at St Andrews. The University is such a big part of the town that all of our sports clubs undertake outreach activities and give something back to the local community.

We also offer students the opportunity to volunteer on activities within Saints Sport. St Andrews students have the opportunity to volunteer and work with pre-school and primary school aged children on the Junior Saints programme, work with the Youth Sport Trust to learn how to run and facilitate a national conference for sports leaders and spend six to eight weeks during the summer coaching children from schools and townships in Zambia and South Africa.